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alejandra_18 record

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Forfatter Besked

Skrevet: Søn aug 19, 2018 6:39 am    Emne: Ads

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Indmeldt: 25. mar 2018
Indlæg: 16
Geografisk sted: Poland

IndlægSkrevet: Man apr 30, 2018 8:51 pm    Emne: alejandra_18 record Besvar, med citat

HD POVCome home to your favorite beer, BJ on the couch, and fucking your favorite girl
Sister Lucy isn’t just any Nun, she’s here to help naughty boys like you find the right path and she does it in her own unique style!In this movie Sister Lucy helps a Foot Worshipper (you) repent for being such a filthy little pervert. Sit back, get comfy and let Sister Lucy help you. Together we’re going to purge your body and get that devils juice right out of you!INCLUDES: BRITISH MISTRESS, CONFESSIONS, NUN FETISH, RELIGIOUS, FOOT FETISH, DIRTY FEET, BAREFEET, JOI & ROLE PLAY.
Watch me drip and orgasm as I watch a pussy video. My hole is so wet and sticky. Watch for my orgasm contractions towards the end

I love making and this one was a lot of fun. I chose my black fishnets and matching underwear, to stand out over the white padded leather. The soft leather pressed against my bare skin made me tingle and i was really turned on for this video. I slowly strip to show off my boobs and bum, then tease your a little. My pussy was so wet during this i wish i had a big hard cock to pound me senseless.
You can get this video currently for a $5 vote for me on the cream team contest! Deal ends Wednesday* It's been too long since I've had some cock, I'm desperate for cum! Watch my newest video, 12 minutes of me sucking cock quickly and lovingly, eager to be covered in cum until I get exactly what I want
rubbing, bouncing, licking, nibbling, Having fun playing around.I'm in the most uncordinated outfit ever but what the hey

COMPLETE BRAINWASHING. Obsession is inevitable. The only thing you will think about is how to please Goddess. I allow you to touch yourself. I want you to cum for Me. Mesmerizing images and audio entrance you as you. Fall under My spell. I implant triggers in your mind. I whisper into your ear while seductively smoking My cigarette blowing smoke over you as you find yourself losing all control. I own your cock. I own you completely. I have you here with Me in My bed and there is no way that you will escape the power of My brainwashing. Layers of My voice, commanding you to stroke and cum for Goddess, are so overwhelming for you. I lead you to a delicious climax after I have penetrated your mind entirely.(Clip contains elements of: mesmerize, goddess worship, JOI, jerk off instruction, brainwash fantasy, sensual domination, mental domination, sub training, mind fuck, goddess smoking, femdom pov, meditation, blonde goddess
Here it is! My snapchat preview!!! Full of so many goodies. Account is free to follow but my Premiums get the best views and discounts
Watch me get it all in and make it explode in my mouth

I give my Master a show to help him get through a long night. Fucking myself with a dildo in my pussy and ass.
A masterful Dragon cock has laid in wait for an innocent pair of twins to stumble across him and fulfill the prophecy. Breaking the curse and unleashing he and his spawn against mankind. Watch as he fucks and impregnates both girls for world domination
Watch as I explore myself in the bathtub!(no makeup)

Watch this kitty get nice and creamy in her boots while torturing herself with her vibrator and a nice big tail!
Oh my god, you fucking creepy perv, what are you doing? I'm just trying to watch Parks and Rec and swipe through Tinder. Stop drooling over Me, you freak. This show is far more entertaining than you, and I'm trying to find My Alpha equal on this dating site. Either entertain Me with your beta money or leave.
EWWW! Chanel is disgusted by your tiny little cock. She compares your small cock to her house key. You can't please her! That's why she is humiliating you & talking about BBC while she's makes fun of how pathetic and small you are.

The most natural act in all the world, the planting of seed. I am ovulating and I am fertile, and with all of my body and soul I want you to get me pregnant. Knock me up, make me yours by giving me your offspring to carry. Make my belly swell so round and full, make my already huge tits balloon with milk to feed our new addition. Drain your balls into me, make me your cum dump, I want to be pregnant. Watch me beg for it. And do this cum countdown at the end to make sure we orgasm at the same time for an even better chance of conception. Give it to me. I need your seed
It never fails you can not help but to stare, and do as I say while I show off my glorious big booty. Starting off in just a bra and micro mini skirt you will not be able to contain yourself. My booty is way to big and my skirt keeps rising. Be good and the skirt comes down revealing a tiny barely there g-string engulfed in between my Ass crack. Will I shake, bounce and spank big booty while you give me a standing ovation between your legs
Full red bush - Role-play video - The repairman comes to fix my TV. When he hands me the bill, it’s more than I expected. Watch my clever way of paying the bill

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Traveling is fun! And I have recently discovered a way to make it even more fun. I had my first ever outdoor skype show which included an unusual walking tour with a vibrating toy inside me that was controlled by a naughty boy from across the world! This was the last part of the show, the internet connection went a bit down at the port so we kept the voice chat going and I was filming the rest with my GoPro instead! Hope you guys enjoy it. You can book a skype show just like this one (possibly even more explicit!) and play with me on a bus, train, restaurant or a shopping mall Razz

Don’t get me wrong, you’re cute and all, but after discovering how tiny your cock is on our first date, I can honestly say I’m glad my bull was on standby! He can show you what it looks like when a real man fucks me in a way you could only dream about. Are you nervous? It’s ok I will guide you and train you to be the perfect little cuckold ready to serve me and your bull and be the new cleanup boy. Don’t mess up on your first day!
Big brother is trying to finish an important book report when baby sister comes in for some advice. She really wants to impress a guy at school but just doesn't know how! Watch him teach her to give her first handjob and swallow her first load of yummy cum
Tired to play your 3DS ? Time for porn ! Enjoy this nice, POV blowjob, with sensual tongue work and a great cumshot

I put zero effort into making this. Enjoy. Wank yourself into a rag and go away.
Santa's little slut has been a good girl this year. She pleads Santa for an orgasm, her little neck is collared, while she gives him a blowjob. Santa grants her wish with a Hitachi Wand and he watches as she grinds against it, topless. An orgasm face centered video
You're a tiny little man hiding in my shower just waiting for the next moment I'll come home from the gym and get into the shower. You've been waiting for this all day, hiding behind the shampoo bottle, praying that I'm dirty enough to need a good scrubbing. It's your lucky day little man. I step into the shower and begin to get all wet, water flowing down my body and pooling around my delicious feet. The soap on my skin sends goosebumps all over your tiny body and you can barely contain yourself. You're even going to get the chance to watch me shave my long legs and cute little ass while you cower in the corner trying not to be discovered. You can barely see in all this steam but you can't look away. My glistening wet body is getting you so unbelieveably turned on you're about to blow your load.

Brooke loves to suck cock. She is giving Eli Taylor a blow job and he starts fucking her face super hard, chocking her on his big dick. He grabs her by her hair and shoves his cock down her throat, making her gag and drool drips out of her mouth all over her big tits. Brooke deep throats Eli's cock and licks and suck on his balls until he blows a massive load. in her mouth and keeps fucking her face as his cum drips down her chin and onto her tummy and tits. There are lots of POV shots in this clip
Mandy fucks herself on the pool table with her dildo, then Tawney helps by playing with her tits
Me and my friend having fun with our new double dildo

I always feel sexy in pantyhose and a tight short skirt. Smoking also makes me feel sexy and kinky so why not do it both ?Watch me playing with my wet wet pussy untill I cum.
Watch me undress and play with myself and make myself cum, HARD.
*This is an old custom video* Your student Kitten Marie is being a real brat. Not having a desk, playing on her phone, giving you attitude. You've had enough of this bratty slut, you give her detention as she continues to annoy you with silly questions... oh... she's.. showing you her tits? Wait a minute... this can't be right but... suddenly she's sucking and fucking you until you blow your load all over her bratty face. *squirting dildo facial*

First victim of a great spanking night! Elena is a naughty spankee that moves a lot and often tries to escape or negotiate her way out of a punishment. Watch me spank her!
This was a custom video for paying fan Alec. It is a fully nude video. Alec wanted joi for an intense nut busting session. He loves the use of the word nut, nut drain, dump a hot nut, etc. I give him jerk off instructions and encouragement while I clap, bounce, and shake my perfect ass!
Its mardi gras time. I received some beads on my last visit. But you wonder where they are? watch to find out


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