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janeandking record

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Forfatter Besked

Skrevet: Fre maj 25, 2018 12:24 am    Emne: Ads

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Indmeldt: 25. mar 2018
Indlæg: 16
Geografisk sted: Poland

IndlægSkrevet: Man apr 30, 2018 8:48 pm    Emne: janeandking record Besvar, med citat

A bundle for schoolgirl-themed smut lovers. Includes my videos Seifuku Facial and Naughty Schoolgirl. Wink
You ready to jerk it for your princess today?This is going to be real fast. You only have one shot to make this happen! Don’t miss
watch aspen as she gets herself off with only her hitachi. watch as she grinds her clit against it in different positions until she brings herself to an intense orgasm // no talking // lots of moaning // filmed in 1080P //

Walking and posing in a field in leather coat. Soft video for my leather coat fetishists. High leather boots knee-length leather gloves and leather skirt as clothing accessories
Bet you didn't know that Red Riding Hood was a smoker. Well she is. Enjoy watching her inhale her cigarette and exhale smoke ALL over your face
Veruca and I start lighting our cigarettes and seducing the camera with our kisses and pussy eating. Damon is recording us and he can’t resist our teasing, so he just pulls out his dick and encourage us give him a double blowjob.We continue smoking our cigarettes and blowing the smoke on his cock while we took turns to put his dick in our mouth. When we are horny enough, we get on all fours and while Damon take turns fucking us, we blow our smoke against the pussy of the other to end with a big cum in Veruca’s face. We share it while kissing. ^_^

My first cam show with a cock! Watch me sit on his face, Suck, jack off, Lick balls and give a rim job. I spend some time with getting myself of too with a big dildo, fingers and my vibrator. He teases me and plays with my ass and pussy until I cum. This mystery man teases me with his big cock and makes me crave more. My first time almost squirting too! There is some foot play for you feet fetish folks too
Hi loser, I just got back from the gym. I had a great workout and now I'm going to make you worship my sweaty feet. It's your lucky day. Look at you, on your knees, ready to worship. Look at how beautiful my feet are. My soles are so soft. How do they smell? You're my little foot bitch. I know you love smelling my sweaty feet. The aroma makes you so weak
Let me suck you, then fuck you, spank my ass then cum then creampie my pussy

Oh yeah!!! I love chocolate and I love pudding. So why not make some! Damn this shit is good. I can't stop myself. I just want it all over me! Cum enjoy this wet'n messy time with me! I'll let you lick every little bit of this goodness off of my smooth silky skin.
I blow my nose and dig with my fingers in it. I take out as much snot as it's possible and play with them. I use mostly my pinkie and my index finger.Video is HD 1080pVideo contains: NOSE BLOWING
CUSTOM*I was asked to do a custom video where I would just enjoy myself. You know like if no one was watching. Well 12 minutes and 3 orgasms later I can surely say I enjoyed myself

A messy angry blow job complete with slapping and moans and grunts
Yet again, Charlie defies me. I catch him catching Z's again! So I decided enough is enough. He's gonna feel my wrath! I tackle him and put him into a mean chokehold. How dare he defy my orders!
Watch me get clean, then dirty, then clean, then dirty again ;)Long video of me bathing, shaving, masturbating, bathing some more, masturbating some more, and on and on and on

Beach blondie is back for more to get her virgin bum ridden in for first time ever rough and pumped
One of my most ardent fans takes me private on cam, he fell head over dick for these Santa Claus tights. He really gets into the Christmas spirit & wants to cum all over Santa's face. Ho Ho HoHonestly, never would have thought of something like this myself, ya'll can be such perverts that just cracks me up with some of the antics on cam. Which one of the reasons, I love ya'll & this job so much. My fat fanny stretching these tights thin & almost see through. Delicatable ass making an appearance or lots for jacking off pleasure.So who wants to Cum on Santa Claus's face
I know how badly you've been wanting to sniff my beautiful ass and farts, so today I finally give into your fantasy

Rhyley gets a New Toy..... And also makes her Very 1st Video using it. So watch Rhyley's very 1st video using a toy for the very 1st time
Dark Side has never looked so sexy. This Sith Lord is horny and ready to fuck herself into power with her jet black 7 inch dildo. Ripping a hole in her suit to give herself over to pleasure.In this video I use my DSLR and GoPro to capture multiple angles of me pleasuring myself. This was a very fun video and a costume I cant wait to make more content in!Song is Never Surrender by Combichrist.
I am playing on my phone when I notice you are staring at my feet. I can't help but be repulsed by you. So I Flip you off and call you the loser you are!

Showing off my ass plug + fury tail ass plug while i use my vibrator on my tender clit, till i cum.
There are always more dishes to do in the sink so I'm donning my dishwashing gloves again to keep my beautiful hands clean. After I snap them on tight I get to work. Then that knife pricked me! I wonder if I got a hole and it will leak inside! I hope it doesnt!
You never knew you had a hairy armpit fetish until you met me didn't you. All this time I thought you were looking at my tits but it was really my hairy underarms you wanted! Well get a good look and sniff, boy. I'm gorgeous, hairy, and I only use LUSH natural deodorant

This is a custom video. In this video I bring myself to orgasm and then continue to edge for a long time. Lots of breathing and dirty talking. When I do finally bring myself to orgasm I pull away quickly and give two big thumbs up and smile as I continue to ride my orgasm out, making sure to capture the orgasm contractions. The orgasm contractions were so strong that even I was impressed and decided to give you a great close up view from my angle as well
In this 19 minute video, you look down on me as I tease you with my tongue, dirty talk, and play with my little asshole. I plug my ass with the biggest buttplug I can fit. Then, you get to see me ride my purple dildo from multiple angles. Watch my ass bounce up and down and my hips swivel as I grind on it. Then, towards the end, watch me fill my holes up close until I have a shaking orgasm with both holes filled. (shot with c920 webcam- 720 HD
HAIRWASHING--EXTRA SUDS WITH BECKYLESABRE Becky makes extra foam in the bathtub. She dunks her head and plays with all the shampoo suds made from the jet tub

play with my boobs, before a naughty titwank and a sloppy blowjob, use wand on my clit and fuck myself till I squirt
I've never tried panty stuffing before. So I make myself cum twice first. And then give panty stuffing a good try
Please message me about purchasing a custom clip or cam show. You love my tight and sexy dress and watching me tease and slowly undress and then I'm going to sit and tell you just how to stroke your cock while looking at my sweet bush

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I shove a buttplug in my ass, finger my pussy, and vibrate my clit with a magic wand until I cum!
I was testing a new stunt cock for my clips by giving a blowjob.He had no complaints, you can tell by the sounds of his moaning that he is enjoying his bj. I liked his clean shaven balls also, i take him deep in my throat and am not paying to much atention to the camara angle. I try sometimes between the ball and cock licking, this clip is the result. He does not mind me using his dick, who does not want to be a pornstar?
I convince my extremely shy boytoy to fuck me on camera. The only catch is he wants to wear a lucha libre mask to keep his identity hidden.... Which is fine by me, cuz I'm into fucking a guy in a creepy mask! Check out the massive load he leaves on my tits

In this custom made fetish video I put a pair of my panties around a Disney princess pool box and inflate it with my air compressor. This fetish video has masturbation encouragement dirty talk with captions throughout. Watch as I rub my wet pussy as the inflatable princess pool slowly grows and expands out of the box. Sounds to listen to in this fetish video are the box ripping apart, the inflatable expanding and growing, tape taring off of the box, my zipper to my body-stocking, and my sweet soft voice. Enjoy
I love facials, and this is actually the first video I have of a facial. Enjoy my tits and wait for the cum shot
Come watch me spoil this cock with lots of long wet licks up and down his shaft and around his balls. I get him covered in drool before jamming his big dick all the way down my throat. I fill my mouth with his hot load and swallow it all.


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